Teach21 is a professional development institute run by The School at Columbia University that focuses on 21st-century teaching and learning. Our teachers—many of whom were teaching graduate-level classes, presenting at national workshops, and organizing conferences themselves—united their expertise under one organization, with the goal of sharing best practices here at The School with other educators and education leaders in New York City, nationally, and beyond.

With school support, Teach21 launched in summer 2010. Since then, Teach21 has served more than 1500 participants, featuring more than 100 unique workshops. Three sessions are held each year (one-day sessions each fall and spring, and a multi-day session each summer), and workshops have focused on technology in the classroom, mathematical communities and strategies, mindfulness, world languages, and much more.

Teach21 extends nationally and internationally, having partnered with The Hamlin School in San Francisco, and The Sezin School in Istanbul, Turkey. Teachers from TSC traveled to both schools to lead workshops, moderate panels, and deliver lectures to new communities. 

We have found the model of professional development by teachers and for teachers to be incredibly powerful. Teach21 workshops emphasize the use of authentic student work from children's classrooms. Workshop leaders have first-hand knowledge, sharing practices that worked well and those that are still works-in-progress. Teach21 workshops are built on the same progressive, constructivist philosophies found in children's classrooms, supporting prior knowledge, differentiated instruction, flexible groupings, inquiry-based learning, and ongoing assessments. Please join us! 

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