New Faces of TSC: Errol Saunders, Gr. 8 English Teacher

We welcomed several new faculty and staff members to the TSC community this school year! We invited them to answer a few questions as they settle into their first weeks of school. Please join us in getting to know them and welcoming them to our community!

1. What were you doing before joining TSC?
I spent the last three years as a full-time doctoral student in the Department of Curriculum and Teaching at Teachers College. My research asks questions about what it's like to be a student who goes across town to go to school. Before that, I taught 7th-grade History at Hopkins School in New Haven, CT. 
2. What has been your most memorable experience at TSC so far?
My first assembly at TSC has definitely been my most memorable experience so far. I got so caught up in all the positive, celebratory energy that my dancing might have been more than a little noticeable. 
3. What’s a fun fact about you?
I have ridden Amtrak across the United States in perhaps the longest route possible without doubling back on oneself: Seattle, WA to Portland, OR to Los Angeles, CA to Albuquerque, NM to Chicago, IL to New Orleans, LA to Philadelphia, PA to New Haven, CT. I embarked on the adventure with the company of my backpack and a list of one non-negotiable thing to do in every city. I finished the adventure 33 days later having made many new friends, reconnected with some old ones, taken lots of pictures, and hours upon hours of adventure stories to tell my nieces and nephews. 
4. What’s the best thing you read/watched/heard/attended recently?
Right now, I am really into the Netflix series, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. I love how all the main characters are teenagers, making their way through the world, and taking charge to remake their world into the one that they want to live in, whether that be for ill or good. 
5. Favorite ice cream flavor; favorite place to eat it.
Anything at Emack and Bolio's on Amsterdam between 78th and 79th. I'm still trying the flavors -- there are so many-- but every new flavor I try gets added to my list of favorites. 

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