Lion's Share: June 6

News from The School at Columbia University: June 6, 2014

Monday, June 9
Last Day of ASP
Grade 4 Black Rock Trip
Grade 8 Graduation, 6 pm (Low Library Rotunda, Columbia University)

Tuesday, June 10
Last Day of School!
Grade 1 Family Celebration, 8:30 am (MPR)

The Gallery
Kindergarten Family Day
KA Dance Photos
KB Dance Photos
KC Dance Photos
Grade 3 Field Trip to Brooklyn Bridge
Grade 5 Black Rock Trip
Grade 5 Visit by Artist Akinori Matsumoto
Grade 5 Spring Concert
Grade 6 Math Colloquium
Grade 7 Salsa Dance Lesson
Grade 8 Social Action Project Presentations
Field Day 2014

The Tube
4A Poetry in Motion
4B Poetry in Motion
4C Poetry in Motion
4D Poetry in Motion

A quick reminder to families that the last day of After School Program is Monday, June 9. There is NO ASP on Tuesday, June 10, the last day of school. Thank you!

Field Day!
It could not have been a more beautiful and perfect day for Field Day 2014! Teams Sky and Navy washed over Baker Athletic Complex in their colors, enthusiasm, and support for each other. There were races and relays and challenges of all types, culminating in teachers and students facing off in ultimate contests. Tired and happy students (and teachers and staff) returned to school for popsicles and yearbooks. Thanks to our Wellness team for coordinating such a fantastic day, and thanks to all who contributed and participated. Such a great way to begin our close to the year! See more fun Field Day photos on The Gallery and Twitter (#tscfieldday2014).

Report from D.C.
As promised last week, travel notes from this year’s eighth-grade trip to D.C.:

As you already know, every year the eighth grade takes a senior trip to Washington D.C. for two nights and three days. This year was the Class of 2014’s turn. The trip started early Wednesday morning (May 28) when we loaded our bags onto the bus and were on our way. The bus ride took about four hours, leaving us enough time to wake up (or sleep) before our first destination. When we arrived in D.C. our first stop was to the Holocaust Memorial Museum. Inside, we saw, read and watched very informational articles and videos. It was amazing to see pictures and real artifacts that were from the time of WWII. Over the next two days we went to the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Lincoln Memorial, National Archives, National Portrait Gallery, National Air and Space Museum, Newseum, White House, Washington Monument, Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, and so much more. We never found ourselves bored for a second.

In D.C., our home base was American University. Here, our grade stayed for two nights in the college dorms with roommates. We were each given keys to our dorm room and a dining card, both of which were very important. But of course, a few people (including me) sometimes forgot their key in their room, so they had to track down their roommates and hope that one of them had a key. We hung out in common rooms, and one night watched a funny movie as one big eighth-grade family. We also got to eat at some crazy food courts, swarming with eighth-graders from all over the country. The lines stretched all around the court, making it even more important that we stick together. Then on Friday morning, we packed up our stuff and checked out of the University, and left the capital in the afternoon. All in all, the trip was a success, and I am so glad that we went. It’ll be an experience that neither I, nor my grade, will soon forget.

-- T. McDonald

Collaborating on Math
Economics, Pi, Triangles, The Golden Ratio, and The Stock Market. These are just a few of the 32 workshops put together by Ms. Hildebrandt and Ms. Zembruski's Grade 6 math students for the annual Math Colloquium. On Wednesday, June 4, Grade 6 students presented their ideas and findings to both Grade 5 and Grade 6 students. The students prepared for the workshop by researching their self-chosen topic, conducting experiments with students in school, and calculating with statistics or probabilities. The students worked collaboratively with other students in their grade to create a presentation that was fun, interactive, and interesting. It was a great success!

Grade 7 students closed their unit on the Spanish-speaking Caribbean with a lively special guest on Thursday: a salsa instructor who came to class and taught them the dance! Their classroom was transformed with color, rhythm, swift motion and gliding feet. If you ask, they may show off what they learned. See more photos of the dance lesson on The Gallery.